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Monday, March 7, 2011


The Malaysian filmmaker, KRU Studios, is releasing HIKAYAT MERONG MAHAWANGSA, an epic action movie, which will be shown on cinemas nationwide this coming 10th March 2011. The film budget that cost RM8 Million, being the most expensive film to date produced by KRU Studios, is believed to be the first Malaysian movie that will break the local film industry mold and also into various international market (72 countries). This is certainly a must-watch movie one shouldn't miss. Congratulations and thumbs up for KRU Studios!! 

Based loosely on the 16th century historical document entitled The Malay Annals, The Chronicles of Merong Mahawangsa is an action-packed epic feature film, with mythical characters, magical moments and dazzling visual-effects sequences. Merong Mahawangsa was a descendant of Alexander the Great, a renowned naval captain and traveller who came to Asia several hundred years ago.

The year is 120 AD a time when the Roman Empire is at the height of its power, during the reign of Hadrian " one of the Five Good Emperors. Meanwhile in China, the Han Dynasty is firmly cemented as the ruling empire and is expanding into Central Asia... one hundred years before the period of the Three Kingdoms.

As the Roman fleet did their repairs and traded in Goa, they asked Merong Mahawangsa to escort a Roman prince to Southeast Asia, to wed a beautiful Chinese princess from the Han Dynasty. The Chinese princess and the Roman prince are supposed to meet halfway and be married on neutral grounds.

However, the pirate nation of Geruda had other plans. They decided to kidnap the Chinese princess and use her as ransom. En route to the Straits of Melaka, Merong Mahawangsas fleet was attacked by Gerudas forces while stopping at a small island to replenish supplies.

Will Merong Mahawangsa be able to rescue the Princess and re-unite her with her betrothed in a marriage that is set to bring together two great civilisations from the East and West?

* Gallery Preview - kindly visit http://www.krustudios.com/Merong_Mahawangsa

by Anuar Zain...

Sedetik Lebih (Malay version)

The Memories Remain (English version)

part 1

part 2

part 3


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