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Thursday, September 30, 2010

NUUR RAZAN n NUR RAZAN.....alike but different

Look closely at the picture above. Do they look alike? They are not at all related anyway. Well...of course, they're not exactly alike, but they do look alike in person than in photos. Those who have seen them agreed with me. They look like sisters!

So, don't you think they look similar? Not only do they look alike, they even have the same name! Although their first name have slightly different spelling - the one on the right is spelled 'NUR' whereas on the left is 'NUUR', both of them have the same last name, RAZAN, and they are called by their last name. Can anyone guess, are they the same age?

Actually, Nuur Razan, the girl on the left is my daughter and she's now 14, whereas the girl on the right is her teacher's daughter. The teacher adores my daughter so much that she named her daughter after mine without knowing exactly the correct spelling of her name. That is why her daughter's first name has only one 'U' and mine has two 'U's. Those who have seen Nuur Razan when she was small, agree that she did look like little Nur Razan now.

The little girl's photo was uploaded by her mom on January this year and her age now is 1 year 8 months. Well...will the little girl, Nur Razan, still look like Nuur Razan when she's 14? Let's wait and see... Hehehe...

Nuur Razan is now 14 years old

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