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Sunday, November 14, 2010

Philosophy of SMILE


A smile doesn't cost anything and produces much.
It enriches those who receive it
without making poor those who give it.
It lasts only an instant but its
remembrance is sometimes forever.

Nobody is rich enough to live without it,
nobody is poor enough not to merit it.
It produces happiness at home, sustains business.
It is the real, sensitive sign of friendship.

Smile gives rest to those who are tired
and gives back courage to the most discouraged.
It can neither be bought nor lent nor stolen
as it is something which has value only
when it is given.

And if sometimes, you encounter a person
to whom smile is unknown, be generous,
give your smile as nobody needs a smile more
than a person who is no longer able to give it.

Have you infected anyone with your smile?
Let's look at their sincere, genuine smiles... :D


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