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Sunday, October 24, 2010

When We Grow Old (dedicated to my beloved husband)

What will happen to us when we grow old
The last days before our bodies turn cold
Will everyone fidget when we repeat ourselves
And tell over and over our long past tales

Will they want us around or turn us away
Wonder what to do to pass each day
Will we be welcomed in our children's home
Or will they forget when they’re grown and gone

Our bodies will age pray our minds stay young
To know what we know and be led by no one
If one lives to each it will come one day
God said it was so, there’s no other way

May we grow old together with each other
May each know for certain there’s never another
May our love continue, may it lessen the bad
May we remember all the good times we’ve had

So from here to there we must do our best
Do all we can to go beyond the test
Walk hand in hand toward our summit year
And call to mind with completion, with never a tear.

~ by Sally Campbell ~



  1. Reading this reminds me of my hubby who is out there alone... hope he will be ok till we meet again..